The Center For Sustainable Development In Mountainous Areas (CSDM)

CDSM is a non-government development organisation and registered under the un umbrella of the Vietnam Union for Science and Technology Associations under the Vietnam government?s Decision N035. Although CSDM has only been registered with the decision in 2000, it has been actively involved with communities since 1998 as a different legal entity.

CSDM's vision is to ensure that all disadvantaged peoples and ethnic minority groups/indigenous peoples are able to realize their rights to enjoy higher quality of life, preserve and pass down to future generation their cultures, traditions and customs. All ethnic minorities/indigenous peoples will have a sense of pride and dignity in their distinct cultural heritages and self-reliance in all areas of their lives inclusive of political, economic, social and environmental issues.

CSDM's mission is:

•    To improve the quality of life in ethnic communities by ensuring food security through encouraging occupations that is sustainable and environmentally sound;
•    To encourage the protection and sustainable management of natural resources according to both indigenous knowledge and modern techniques;
•    To revitalize and promote transmission of culture heritage to the new generation, to enable them to adapt and use their heritage in daily life and in all form of development;
•    To support, develop and strengthen the capacities of community based organisations and cooperation within and between communities and organisations;
•    To advocate the cause of disadvantaged peoples and ethnic minority groups and co-ordinate with other organisations at national, regional and international for the realization of their aspirations.

Over the yeas, CSDM has encouraged the formation and is supporting civil society networks, which has lead to a strategic shift way from a focus on conventional economic development to supporting networks and grassroots initiatives. CSDM works in Lang Son, Hoa Binh, Son La, Phu Tho, Ha Tinh, Son La, Thanh Hoa, Yen Bai, Dien Bien, Hoa Binh, Lai Chau, Nghe An and Ha Tay provinces, above all with the indigenous Tai speaking peoples and in close cooperation with the Vietnamese Thai's Indigenous Knowledge Network (VTIK).CSDM is a member organisation of AIPP. 


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