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TEBTEBBA Submission on Providing Incentives and Addressing Methodological Issues Related to Non-Carbon Benefits (NCBs) Resulting from the Implementation of REDD-Plus Activities

The Subsidiary Body on Scientific and Methodological Advise (SBSTA), in its thirty-eight session, invited Parties and admitted observer organizations to submit to the Secretariat, by 26 March 2014, their views on methodological issues related to non-carbon benefits resulting from the implementation of REDD-Plus activities (FCCC/SBSTA/2013/3, paragraph 40). Further consideration of methodological issues related to NCBs will resume in SBSTA 40th session in June of 2014. Additionally, it was decided that part of the preparations for SBSTA 40, Parties should begin identifying and prioritizing NCBs at the national level.

Download this file (Tebtebba Submission on NCBs.pdf)TEBTEBBA_NCBs[ ]934 kB