PACOS Trust-Malaysia

PACOS Trust-Malaysia

PACOS Trust is a community-based organisation (CBO) dedicated towards supporting indigenous communities in Sabah. Although registered under the Trustees Ordinance (Sabah) only in 1997, it has been actively involved with communities since 1987 as a different legal entity. PACOS Trust sees itself as on organisation that strives to empower indigenous communities through systematic building and strengthening of community organisations, which can act collectively on its own.

PACOS Trust support community organisations in 17 districts involving 23 geographical areas, with each organisation determining and implementing its own area plan and work programme. It has 60 personnel; almost all are working in their own community but also contributes to the organisation by being part of different ad-hoc committees as resource persons depending on their skills and knowledge.

PACOS sees itself as on organisations that strives to empower indigenous communities through:

  • Systematic building and strengthening of community organisations;
  • Strengthening indigenous knowledge systems on natural resource management;
  • Strengthening positive indigenous values and institutions; as well as
  • Improving early child care and development.

PACOS also sees the need to support networks of indigenous organisations that are protecting and promoting their resources and indigenous systems. This is done through the establishment of formal and informal networks between community organisations at different levels.

PACOS Trust has six main programmes: (i)Community Organising Training, (ii)Natural Resources Management, (iii)Socio-economic Development, (iv)Land Rights, (v) Community Education, (vi)Adat and Culture.


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